Ecommerce Holiday Calendar for Your Business (Updated 2023)

ecommerce holiday calendar for your Shopify business

Let’s face it – all seasons are holiday seasons. If you know where to look and who to target. The ultimate ecommerce holiday calendar 2023 is here to help you.

Holidays play a critical role in ecommerce as they often serve as peak shopping seasons that can drive significant revenue for businesses. It is a major opportunity to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

In addition to driving sales, holidays also provide ecommerce businesses with the chance to engage with their customers in new and creative ways. Reach out to your customers and provide them with personalized discounts, limited-time promotions, flash sales, and other offers that can attract their attention and boost their spirit and desire to shop. Companies that go above and beyond, providing excellent customer service, thoughtful gifts, or top-notch products, can establish themselves as leaders in the market and increase their visibility, reaching a wider audience. 

We’ve collected some of the major holidays, big AND small, that can help your business boost sales, build an army of loyal fans, and shine bright like a Christmas star. Even when it’s not Christmas. You can use it when planning smaller social media campaigns as a social media holiday calendar, or keep it as a base for your ecommerce marketing calendar.

Without further ado, here’s our holiday calendar for ecommerce merchants 2023:

Table of Contents

January Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar

New Year's Day, January 1st

Target audience: the majority of the world

Ecommerce category: Health & Wellness, Sport & Fitness, Beauty & Cosmetics, Clothing, Food & Beverage

It isn’t an ecommerce holiday marketing calendar if it doesn’t start with this one, right? As the clock strikes midnight, the world embraces a brand new beginning. Why not follow that transformative path and build your marketing around fresh starts when New Year’s resolutions and bucket lists are at their peak? Although some of the most popular new beginnings revolve around a healthier lifestyle, even if the product or service you offer might look like a long stretch, it can serve as a New Year’s marketing campaign, too. You just need to get more creative. Bikinis and summer accessories are a hard sell in the winter? Well, it is summer somewhere. And the customers have enough time and additional motivation to work at the gym. Spice it up with humor or find a unique benefit, and you are good to go.

Chinese New Year, January 22nd

Target audience: Asian communities and people looking for another reason to celebrate (and start all over again. Again.)

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Food & Beverage, Home Decor, Other

The Chinese New Year is not just a day. It is a whole festival that marks a new year and a zodiac animal that takes center stage, reigning over the next 12 months. This holiday does get more specific than New Year’s Day in how you should approach it with your marketing, but there are ways to incorporate it into your ecommerce holiday campaign calendar, too.

February Ecommerce Holiday Campaign Calendar

Galentine’s Day, February 13th

Target audience: identifying as female friends around the world, Parks and Recreation fans

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Beauty & Cosmetics, Other

If you know, you know. 

Some might argue that Galentine’s Day, a sweet blend of “Gal” and “Valentine,” is not an actual holiday since it was crafted straight from the iconic TV show “Parks and Recreation”. But let’s agree to disagree. This holiday has taken the world by storm and won the hearts of millennials all over the world as a celebration of gal pals and the bond of female friendship. And there are very few things in the world that are stronger than female friendship. 

Be sure to incorporate it into your ecommerce holiday marketing calendar and launch a fun-filled Galentine’s Day campaign or offer a sweet discount to boost your customers’ spirits. 

Valentine’s Day, February 14th

Target audience: people around the world

Ecommerce category: Food & Beverage, Beauty & Cosmetics, Clothing, Home Decor, Other

Love, love, love.

Valentine’s Day is the heart and soul of any holiday calendar for ecommerce merchants. This day is typically reserved for romantic gifts, but it’s time to broaden this perception and honor the diverse relationships that bring joy to your customers’ lives. Celebrate not just romance, but the bonds of friendship, the love for furry companions, and other meaningful relationships.

March Ecommerce Marketing Calendar

International Women’s Day, March 8

Target audience: supporters of women’s rights

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Other

It is the day to honor women’s achievements and advocate for equality. If this cause aligns with your brand values, put it into your ecommerce promotion calendar and showcase your support.

Oscars Night, March 12th (the date changes every year)

Target audience: movie enthusiasts and professionals

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Food & Beverage, Home Decor, Other

This event might seem like a long stretch for an ecommerce holiday sales calendar, but trust us, it is worth paying attention to. Jump into the cinematic buzz as all movie enthusiasts and people in the industry gather in front of the screens for the Academy Awards ceremony. Get ready to join the red carpet excitement!

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th (the date changes every year)

Target audience: the Irish and other people everywhere in the world

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Beauty & Cosmetics, Other

When talking about an ecommerce holiday marketing calendar, we couldn’t skip the greenies of the holiday. This occasion is marked by vibrant, mostly green-colored and shamrock-shaped festivities, and presents a golden opportunity for savvy marketing campaigns.

April Ecommerce Promotion Calendar

April Fools’ Day, April 1st

Target audience: Western cultures

Ecommerce category: Food & Beverage, Games, Other

April Fool’s Day is a time for mischief. It can be a fun and effective way to increase brand awareness and engage with your audience, while also building a more human connection with them. Let your creative side shine and put a smile on your customers’ faces.

Easter, April 9th (the date changes every year)

Target audience: Christian cultures and cultural Christians

Ecommerce category: Food & Beverage, Home Decor

Easter is one of the cornerstone of an ecommerce holiday campaign calendar. Businesses around the world are increasingly recognizing the potential of Easter, dedicating time and resources to prepare for spring sales, and offering enticing deals on various products from clothing to home goods and decor. Embrace the spirit of Easter to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

May Ecommerce Holiday Sales Calendar

Star Wars Day, May 4th

Target audience: Star Wars fans

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Games, Other

May the 4th be with you…r business!

If you have’t added this one into your ecommerce holiday marketing calendar, do it now! At least put it into your social media holiday calendar and engage with your customers through social channels. On this day, the world celebrates the legendary Star Wars franchise and its millions of fans. Join the intergalactic party and appeal to the Star Wars community by offering special deals and showcasing your brand’s playful side. Tap into the excitement of Star Wars Day with clever marketing campaigns that speak to the franchise’s devoted following. It’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience and offer a fun and memorable shopping experience.

Cinco de Mayo, May 5th

Target audience: Mexicans, people of Mexican descent

Ecommerce category: Food & Beverage, Clothing, Home Decor, Other

This Mexican holiday celebrated on May 5th is a time to honor Mexican culture and heritage. Consider incorporating it your ecommerce promotion calendar, if it is relevant to your target audience, and use this day to connect with customers and celebrate the vibrant culture and spirit of Mexico.

June Holiday Calendar for Ecommerce Merchants

Pride Month, throughout June

Target audience: LGBTQ+ community and its supporters

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Beauty & Cosmetics, Other

The whole month of June is a celebration, so it is a must for any and every ecommerce holiday campaign calendar. It is a celebration of diversity, love, and equality. As an ecommerce business, you have the opportunity to show your support and let your customers know that your brand is a safe and inclusive space where everyone is welcome.

Father’s Day, June 18th (the date changes every year)

Target audience: people in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom
Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Electronics

Whether it’s through heartfelt promotions or limited-time gifts, your ecommerce business can play a role in making this day extra special to your audience. But note – fathers are honored on different dates across the world, so before securing this one a spot in your ecommerce marketing calendar, make sure to double check when your target audience celebrates this special day.

July Ecommerce Holiday Sales Calendar

Independence Day, July 4th

Target audience: the USA

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Food & Beverage

If your business is operating in the USA or your target audience lives there, add this holiday to your ecommerce holiday sales calendar, social media holiday calendar for vibrant and patriotic social media posts, mark it red in your ecommerce promotion calendar – it is the day and opportunity you can’t miss.

International Day of Friendship, July 30th

Target audience: people around the world

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Games

Unlike Galentine’s Day, International Friendship Day celebrates all kinds of friendships, so if the former is a bit too bold and far-fetched for you, then the International Friendship Day might be a good fit for your ecommerce holiday marketing calendar. If it is your specialty, offer special deals on gifts for friends. And even if it’s not something that aligns with your products, maybe you can make it a “Two for the price of one” type of discount? International Day of Friendship is an occasion to celebrate the connections that bring us closer, use it to strengthen your connection with your customers

August Ecommerce Marketing Calendar

International Cat Day, August 8th

Target audience: cat lovers around the world

Ecommerce category: Pets, Clothing, Home Decor

Who could resist soft, furry, and fluffy purrfect companions, right? It is the day to recognise the unique bond that we share with our adorable and mischievous four-legged friends. Even if your business isn’t cat-related, who says you can’t offer a cute cat-themed T-shirt, mug, or any other piece of clothing or home decor? Add it to your ecommerce holiday sales calendar or run a fun social media campaign. And if your ecommerce business revolves around pet products, International Cat Day is the ecommerce marketing occasion you can’t miss.

World Photography Day, August 19th

Target audience: photographers, art connoisseurs

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Other

It’s time to capture the moment and celebrate World Photography Day! It’s the day that honors the art of photography and recognizes the talent of all the amazing photographers around the world, so make sure to mark it in your ecommerce marketing calendar. For an ecommerce business owner, it’s a great opportunity to showcase photography-inspired products and run some exciting sales. From cameras and lenses to wall art and prints, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, it’s a fantastic chance to run a social media campaign by encouraging your customers to share their unique and creative photos on social media, and build a thriving photography-loving community.

September Ecommerce Holiday Campaign Calendar

Oktoberfest, September 16th–October 3rd

Target audience: beer enthusiasts, festival lovers

Ecommerce category: Food & Beverage, Clothing, Other

Say ‘Guten Tag’ to the exciting celebration for all beer lovers around the world – Oktoberfest! Why should you include it in your ecommerce holiday campaign calendar? Well, it’s a time for celebration, beer, and of course, online shopping! Offer exciting deals and promotions on your products – from beverages to clothing. It’s a fantastic chance to showcase your creativity and create some exciting and engaging marketing campaigns. So, put on your creative hats, come up with the most irresistible deals, and make Oktoberfest a truly unforgettable event for your ecommerce business!

World Tourism Day, September 27th

Target audience: traveling enthusiasts, nomads

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Food & Beverage, Other

Embark on a journey with your customers to celebrate World Tourism Day – the day dedicated to promoting the beauty of travel and the unique experiences it offers! If your business is travel-related, become a part of this exciting occasion by offering exciting deals on travel-related products. From luggage and travel accessories to guidebooks and maps – anything and everything works. If not for a full-on marketing campaign, then it will definitely look good on your social media. Add this day to your ecommerce promotion calendar and bon voyage!

October Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar

International Coffee Day, October 1st

Target audience: coffee lovers around the world
Ecommerce category: Food & Beverage, Home Decor

Holiday calendar for ecommerce merchants wouldn’t be complete without this special day. After all, nothing beats the magic of that smell of fresh coffee in the morning… It’s a ritual, and it is a necessity for a lot of people, too. Are your customers among the latter?

Halloween, October 31st

Target audience: Western cultures

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Food & Beverage, Games

We’ve already mentioned one of the cornerstones of a ecommerce holiday marketing calendar. Well, here is another one. Halloween is a time for people to let their hair down and have a little fun. Your ecommerce business can too!

November Holiday Calendar for Ecommerce Merchants

Singles’ Day, November 11th

Target audience: people around the world

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Food & Beverage, Electronics

Originating from a group of solo students at China’s Nanjing University as a fun and playful day to embrace the joy of being single, it has since taken a huge commercial turn and has grown into one of the biggest shopping events in the world. Which means a lot of amazing opportunities for your business to jump on the Singles train. If you haven’t already, add it to your ecommerce holiday sales calendar and think of the promotions you could plan for it.

Thanksgiving, November 23rd (the date changes every year)

Target audience: the USA

Ecommerce category: Food & Beverage, Home Decor, Clothing, Games

This special holiday is all about family, food, and gratitude. As an ecommerce business, you can join the festivities by offering your customers special deals and promotions to help them get ready for the big day. Even if you don’t specialize in turkey or pie stuffing. If you are running your business in or for the USA and your ecommerce marketing calendar doesn’t have any activities planned around Thanksgiving, you might be missing out of some great opportunities.

Black Friday, November 24th (the date changes every year)

Target audience: deal seekers

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Games, Electronics, Health & Wellness, Sport & Fitness, Other

If an ecommerce holiday sales calendar doesn’t include this holiday, is it really an ecommerce holiday sales calendar? Arguably the biggest festive spree (and stress) for business owners.

This single day of discounts and deals attracts millions of shoppers looking to save big on gifts for their loved ones for the upcoming Christmas or to treat themselves. Use the opportunity to stand out in the sea of offers with creative campaigns and limited-time deals. Whether it’s offering early access to the biggest sales of the season, curating gift guides, or providing exclusive discounts for your loyal customers, Black Friday is the perfect time to show your appreciation for your customers and drive sales for your business.

Cyber Monday, November 27th (the date changes every year)

Target audience: deal seekers, online shopping lovers

Ecommerce category: Electronics, Clothing, Other

Any ecommerce business knows that they can’t afford to skip Cyber Monday. It has quickly risen as one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. Put it in your social media holiday calendar and take advantage of this day by offering exclusive discounts and limited-time promotions, and don’t miss out on the chance to increase your brand’s visibility, drive sales, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

December Ecommerce Holiday Sales Calendar

Cyber Monday, November 27th (the date changes every year)

Target audience: Christians, cultural Christians

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Games, Food & Beverage, Beauty & Cosmetics, Other

The true star of every ecommerce holiday campaign calendar. The most wonderful time of the year that people start getting ready for weeks and weeks before. As the festive spirit fills the air, it’s time for your ecommerce business to spread some holiday cheer!


Boxing Day, December 26th

Target audience: Commonwealth nations

Ecommerce category: Clothing, Home Decor, Games, Health & Wellness, Other

Originally dedicated to giving boxes of gifts, food, and money to those in need, today this holiday has evolved into a day for post-Christmas sales and discounts, making it a perfect opportunity to offer special deals to holiday shoppers. With the right approach, Boxing Day can be a major boost for your business.

See, we told you every season is the holiday season. And if you didn’t believe our words, we are pretty sure this ultimate ecommerce holiday calendar 2023 spoke for itself. Use it as a base for your own social media holiday calendar, ecommerce promotion calendar or ecommerce holiday marketing calendar. Choose the occasions that resonate with your business and your target audience, think about your strategy, and make every day special for your business’s growth. And once your plans for holiday offers are sorted, turn to Essential countdown timer or free shipping bar to take your festive communication to the next level!


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