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How a single countdown timer increased sales by up to 40%

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, En Gold has created a local platform for finely produced furniture and homeware on which their own creations coexist with those of a curated group of other designers. They not only honor Asian workmanship, but also encourage so-called slow interiors by manufacturing goods in small batches to guarantee they reduce waste and promote conscientious purchasing. 

And recently, they exceeded their order numbers by 40% with just one countdown timer! We can’t help but feel glad and honored to have been able to assist them in achieving such amazing outcomes.

According to the En Gold team, 

"Before using Essential Countdown Timer, our sales campaign did not create a sense of urgency in the customers' minds, so it did not generate last-minute sales."

But right after setting up a single countdown timer, the situation changed drastically. 

The Essential Countdown Timer created FOMO in the minds of the potential customers, which resulted in an incredible 40% increase in order numbers!

The said Countdown Timer was placed above the website header – out of all possible placements, this one felt the most consistent with the En Gold branding.

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"It's incredibly easy to use and just takes 5-10 minutes to make one countdown timer. It doesn't require any technical knowledge. You can easily change the design so that it aligns with your branding."

En Gold has also utilized the Essential Countdown Timer for limited-time deals. What were the outcomes?

“I downloaded the Essential Countdown Timer just one day before the sale started, and was amazed by how easy it is to set it up and use within such a short period of time. And it wasn’t long before the results came in! As we got closer to the end of the long weekend sales, we got more sales than ever before. The countdown timer really created FOMO and helped us generate more orders."

We cannot emphasize this enough – the fear of missing out is a huge motivator for buyer to act. Using it to your advantage can boost your conversions significantly. Running a sale in itself might assist in encouraging certain of your clients. However, having that ticking countdown timer boosts FOMO to an unbelievable extent. When the customers see how much time they have left before losing out on something they are interested in, they know that each second they don’t act means they’re passing up an opportunity. An opportunity that someone else hasn’t missed. Just be careful not to overuse the countdown timer, since it may affect your customers’ trust and behavior in the long run.

Overall En Gold Results

  • 40% increase in Orders when started using Countdown Timer
  • 20% increase in Conversion Rate 
  • 100% time-saving compared to manually coding a countdown timer. 

What’s next?

One of the Essential Countdown Timer’s unquestionable advantages is that it may be used in a number of ways and for a variety of purposes. The launch of a website, for instance. And that is precisely what En Gold intends to do in the near future:

“We are going to use the Countdown Timer app for our new sister brand, YŌLI. It will surely make our audience excited about the website launch.”

We can’t wait to see what amazing effects it will produce!

If you are having doubts about whether your store needs a countdown timer as well as whether the Essential Countdown Timer is worth the hype, there you have it. A fantastic real-life case from an amazing company. 

Why wait for miracles when you can start growing your business now? Try the Essential Countdown Timer and see for yourself. You are in for a treat!

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Increase your conversion rate up to 20%!
Try the Essential Countdown Timer and see for yourself.

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