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AIOD – All Automatic Discount

To increase the AOV (average order value) on your Shopify store, we’ve got one tool for all the Shopify merchants.

We are excited to tell you about “AIOD – All Automatic Discount.” AIOD is a powerful and user-friendly app that helps Shopify store owners offer discounts to their customers with ease.

With AIOD, you can set up automatic discounts for specific products, collections, or entire orders. Customers can take advantage of discounts as a result without having to navigate challenging discount systems or enter coupon codes.

AIOD Shopify app can help merchants increase sales, enhance the customer experience, save time and increase efficiency, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.


  • Create Bundle, Volume, BOGO & Quality Breaks Offers
  • Stack & Combine Discount Codes
  • Stack Discount code On Cart
  • Discounted Pricing & Offers
  • Create Buy x Get Y Offer
  • Upsell Popups 
  • Schedulue Offers
  • Automatic Coupon Codes Shopify
  • Easy Tiered Discounts Setup

AIOD also allows you to set up discounts based on various criteria, such as order value, quantity, and customer group. You now have the freedom to focus on particular customer segments and entice them to make purchases. 

In short, AIOD is a must-have app for any Shopify store owner who wants to offer discounts effortlessly and effectively. We’re confident that AIOD will help you drive more sales and grow your business.

To learn more about AIOD, Get the app now with a 30-day free trial! 

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