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Kaktus – PreOrder Now Presale App

Replace the default “Out of Stock” button with an
enticing “Pre-Order” button. Allow customers to pre-order products
even when they’re out of stock or coming soon. This improves the
selling process, enhances the customer experience, and increases
Average Order Value (AOV). Create anticipation around new product
launches by offering them for pre-order. Make it easy for customers to
purchase products before their official release, boosting engagement
and sales.
Key Features:

* Easy Setup: Launch pre-order funnels with just one click, no coding
* Enhanced Customer Experience: Offer pre-orders for products that
are out of stock or coming soon.
* Attract New Clients: Customers love pre-ordering their favorite
products that are out of stock or coming soon.
* Full Customization: Tailor the pre-order button text and design to
match your store’s aesthetics.
* Mobile-Friendly: Optimized for mobile devices to cater to the
growing mobile shopping trend.
* Analytics: Track conversations, revenue, and total views in one
convenient place.

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