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SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

What Is SearchPie?

SearchPie is a TOP Shopify SEO app since 2019 which is developed by Secomapp. 

The app offers a comprehensive SEO solution designed specifically for Shopify businesses. Its primary goal is to optimize rankings and generate organic traffic from search engines, with a specialized emphasis on Onpage SEO. One of the most remarkable features of SearchPie is its utilization of AI technology, which enables the automatic generation of intelligent meta tags using only a few relevant keywords.

Their dedicated customer success team is available 24/7 to ensure exceptional support and assistance. SearchPie’s experts are always ready to address your inquiries and provide timely solutions, enhancing your experience with the app. You can stay ahead of the competition and elevate your SEO strategy with the advanced capabilities of SearchPie.

What can you do with SearchPie?

– Stay aware of all SEO issues via up-to-date reports

– AI-generated Meta tags, Bulk Meta tags, and Alt tags

– Speed up loading time with Instant page, AMP, Image Compressing…

– Improve website’s credibility with Long & 404 URLs auto-detected & navigated

– Make your site readable to Google with Auto Rich Snippets JSON-LD

– Monitor your off-page SEO with Backlink Analytics.

What’s Included in the Personal Services from SearchPie?

SearchPie is offering the Speed Up package, a highly beneficial and customized service that can enhance site speed by up to 50%. Their team of technical experts will address not only the recommendations from Google PageSpeed Insight but also tackle additional speed-related issues for users.

Moreover, with the SEO Map package, SearchPie aims to help customers achieve success with local SEO and improve their business’s visibility in local areas.

What are SearchPie’s achievements?

Empowering 45,000+ stores, SearchPie boasts 3300+ reviews and an outstanding 4.9 average rating.

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