hextom free shipping bar

Hextom Free Shipping Bar

Hextom Free Shipping Bar is great for promoting free shipping to motivate customers to buy more and increase sales. Just like the Essential free shipping bar, this free shipping bar can be personalized from the design of the bar itself to the geotargeting, so you can adjust it to a specific country or even the page or collection on your website where the bar appears.

Additionally, the performance of each bar is monitored, so you can track the result of any progressive message at any moment and see which one brings the most clients in, driving more sales for your business.

However, the free version of this free shipping bar only includes a limited number of bars, and the majority of the other more advanced features (such as targeting by country or performance tracking) are only available in the premium plan of the free shipping bar.


  • Personalization – make a  unique shipping bar that reflects your company, add emojis or holiday-themed backdrops
  • Relevant messages are displayed to customers so that they add more things to their carts
  • Free shipping bar performance tracking 
  • Geotargeting and currency conversion


  • Free
  • Premium plan for $9.99/month 

Shopify rating: 4.9 (10904 reviews)

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