OptiMonk: Website Personalizer

You may grab the attention of your customers and promote your upsell offers with the help of OptiMonk, a popup solution that is incredibly versatile and effective.

OptiMonk’s recommendation pop-ups enable you to customize your upsell banners to each individual customer. For instance, it is possible to steer clients in the direction of the goods they are searching for by sending them to the most popular things from a certain category in your store. 

And if a potential customer is ready to leave your page, with the help of OptiMonk, you can display relevant product suggestions to keep them interested.


  • Plenty of message types to choose from
  • Smart targeting options
  • Ready-to-use versatile templates


Several plans are available:

  • Free
  • Essential – $29/month
  • Growth – $79/month
  • Premium – $199/month

Shopify rating: 4.9 (673 reviews)

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