powr pricing table

POWR: Pricing Table Comparison

This pricing table app is an essential tool for businesses that want to showcase their offers and make it easier for customers to choose the right one.

One of the top features that makes this pricing table app stand out is its recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships feature. In terms of usability and design, it is a very intuitive and easy-to-use Shopify pricing table app, too. It offers fully customizable design options – you can easily change colors, borders, backgrounds, and almost anything else to fit your Shopify store’s theme. Additionally, it can be customized live on your website, so you can see your modifications as you make them, ensuring that your changes are exactly what you want.

Custom HTML is available for all plans, while Custom CSS & JS is available for Pro Plan and above, giving you complete control over your design and functionality if you are a more advanced Shopify merchant.

Another significant advantage of this pricing table app is that it is entirely cloud-based, meaning you can personalize it and access your data from wherever you choose.

Recurring payment feature for subscriptions and memberships
Configurable “highlight” option that allows you to distinguish your product or plan from others
Customizable design options
Cloud-based functionality

STARTER: $5.49/month (or $46.08/year)
PRO: $13.49/month (or $113.28/year)
BUSINESS: $89.99/month (or $755.88/year)

Shopify rating: 4.8 (44 reviews)

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