Increase your store conversion with a Free Shipping progress bar

Increase order value with shopify free shipping bar application

As various research shows, as many as 80% of buyers are more likely to complete a purchase if a store has a free shipping option. And more than 90% mention that convenience is one of, if not the most crucial part when choosing the merchant to buy from. But most importantly, orders with free shipping average around 30% higher in value! (Source: Invespcro) Knowing this, communicating your Free Shipping offer across the store with a free shipping progress bar should be a no-brainer. It boosts the AOV (Average order value) and might be just what you need to go from an abandoned cart to a sale.

Having a Free Shipping bar is one of the easiest ways to boost the average order value of your store. We have noticed that picking the right free shipping threshold maximizes the revenue per session. How to do that?

Try running tests with different Free Shipping thresholds to see which one is best for your store and niche. And make sure you’re communicating it all over your store, either as a top bar or with a product page widget. But most crucially – place it on your cart page!

free shipping progress bar in the cart page
Free shipping progress bar in the cart page

Combine the Free Shipping progress bar with an upsell, and you will increase your AOV in no time! Good news – the Essential Free Shipping Bar comes with the integrated upsell feature! Add your preferred upsell products to the Shipping bar, and they will immediately appear below it.

But how do you select the perfect upsell product for your free shipping progress bar?

As always, you have to play with it and experiment. But here are a few good tips to try:

Don’t be greedy

Upsells are usually impulse last-minute buys. Choose the product that is too expensive, and it might even reduce your conversion rate. Aim for the upsell product that is less expensive than the item already added to the cart.

Make it relevant

If someone is buying a shirt, you don’t offer them to check out your winter coat selection, do you? A way better choice would be a tie or a pair of cuffs. Socks or extra shoe laces go well with shoes and so on. You get the point – relevancy is key here!

Simple to understand and buy

As mentioned above, it is often an impulse purchase, so you have to make it simple! Avoid products that might be confusing or have multiple customization options. Ideally, your buyer should be able to add an item to the cart in one click without the in-depth investigation or customization (choosing size, color, etc..).

So, to recap:

80% of buyers are more likely to complete a purchase if a store has a free shipping option, and orders with free shipping average around a whopping 30% higher in value! So communicate your free shipping across the store together with a great upsell offer – low in price, relevant and simple to understand.

Try out our Essential Free Shipping Bar today and see how it can change your store’s conversion rate.


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