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SpinStudio 360 – New look at the product images

Spin Studio – 360 Product image – one of the best applications for creating interactive, spinning 360-degree images for your Shopify products. 

Present your products to customers in a 3D view presentation, resulting in user engagement and more sales. 

Instead of viewing plain and flat images, visitors can interact with 3D spinning product images and examine them from any angle.

SpinStudio 360 by NexusMedia provides users the same experience as checking the product in the physical store. Spinning product images increases user engagement, makes your product page more informative, and leads you to more sales.

Main features:

  • Different axes to rotate 3d images: horizontal spin, semi-vertical spin, and Interactive animation.
  • Rotation animation or stop-motion effect.
  • Magic 360 spinning images to show every detail of your product.
  • Creates 360 views from a set of photos or 3D models.
  • Fancy 360 view icons for thumbnails in your product gallery.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop UI builder.
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