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Sales Notification | Sales Pop: Boost Sales with Sales Notification, Cart Notification & more

With the ToastiBar – Sales Popup app, you can build trust with visitors and convert them to become your store’s product buyers. You can build trust by displaying real-time sales notifications, cart notifications, online visitors, recent visitors, and product visitors notifications. Notifications provide proof that there are many happy customers who are visiting the website and have already bought products from your store.

Key Features:
Sales Notification/Sales Pop + Cart Notification
Highly customizable messages, positions, display time, delay time, and more.
Desktop and Mobile optimized with different designs to use
Hide sales notification(s) on specific pages
Hide specific product(s) from displaying in sales notification
Hide specific order(s) from displaying in the sales notification
Adjust your sales notification popup so it will not overlap with any other content in your store
Track conversions by including UTM parameters in sales notifications by creating it in your Google Analytics(optional)

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