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best free shipping bar apps for shopify

Customers these days expect free shipping when they purchase anything online, regardless of the price. Take a cue from the major retail chains and offer free shipping on purchases that meet or exceed a particular minimal threshold. Customers may not always realize how close they are to fulfilling the need for free shipping, so a free shipping bar is a good way to keep them in the loop and, at the same time, enhance customer retention as well as the average order value. Here’s a compilation of the best free shipping bars for Shopify with their key features, price, and rating, so that you can choose the most suitable one for your business.

Essential Free Shipping Upsell

No restrictions, no watermarks, and no coding skills required – it takes a few clicks to make Essential Free Shipping Bar work with your existing Shopify store’s theme.

This incredibly simple-to-use and fully customizable free shipping bar has an infinite number of progress bars for free shipping and cart objectives to encourage your consumers to fill their shopping carts with additional items. Whether it is free shipping or a discount, it is easily tailored to your specific needs.

The design of the free shipping bar is also up to you – you can create your own progress bar from scratch to ensure it matches your company’s style, or choose one from the templates.

The Essential Free Shipping Bar has also been recently upgraded and now offers geotargeting, which lets you create multiple free shipping bars for different countries. The duplicate feature has also been introduced, so you can duplicate existing free shipping bars without having to create the new ones from scratch – a very convenient and time-saving feature.

And to top it all off – this free shipping bar also takes pride in its always-ready-to-pitch-in and assist-with-any-problem customer support.


  • Unlimited number of free shipping or other cart goal progress bars
  • Customizable – create your own free shipping bar design or use one of the six templates
  • Easy integration of the free shipping bar into the store
  • Geolocation targeting and Duplicate functionality


  • Free

Shopify rating: 5.0 (40 reviews)

Hextom Free Shipping Bar

Hextom Free Shipping Bar is great for promoting free shipping to motivate customers to buy more and increase sales. Just like the Essential free shipping bar, this free shipping bar can be personalized from the design of the bar itself to the geotargeting, so you can adjust it to a specific country or even the page or collection on your website where the bar appears.

Additionally, the performance of each bar is monitored, so you can track the result of any progressive message at any moment and see which one brings the most clients in, driving more sales for your business.

However, the free version of this free shipping bar only includes a limited number of bars, and the majority of the other more advanced features (such as targeting by country or performance tracking) are only available in the premium plan of the free shipping bar.


  • Personalization – make a  unique shipping bar that reflects your company, add emojis or holiday-themed backdrops
  • Relevant messages are displayed to customers so that they add more things to their carts
  • Free shipping bar performance tracking 
  • Geotargeting and currency conversion


  • Free
  • Premium plan for $9.99/month 

Shopify rating: 4.9 (10904 reviews)

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

The pre-made design templates of this free shipping bar for Shopify will wow you regardless of the device you see them on. However, if they are not enough for you and your needs, you can always work on your own design – the Ultimate Free Shipping Bar offers fully customizable layout, font, and color options to choose from. And you may also use custom CSS to get the appearance you want.

Thanks to the newly added geotargeting functionality, you can target specific audiences in different countries and show a unique free shipping bar to reach the right people for your business. And the pricing is automatically converted to the customer’s local currency too.

The setup of the Ultimate Free Shipping Bar is quick and easy, and the progress towards free shipping is updated on the go, which is a great motivator for customers to add more items to their carts and grab that sweet free shipping deal.


  • Customizable and device-friendly
  • Geotargeting
  • Sticky or fixed position free shipping bar


  • Free

Shopify rating: 4.8 (51 review)

Free Shipping Bar Ultimate by KILATECH

This free shipping bar does the job of helping you advertise your free shipping offer for orders that surpass a certain threshold well, too. While the design of this free shipping bar is fully customizable (colors, images, fonts), it offers three progressive messages to choose from: before the customer has added anything to the cart, when the current cart value is below the threshold, and when the customer has reached the cart goal. You can also always use creative banner messages to offer discounts or show other useful information to your customers.

Although it is a simple and user-friendly free shipping bar, it is highly functional and, thanks to the lightweight code, it doesn’t slow down your business’s website. On top of that, they have a very responsive and helpful customer support team that is not only ready to assist whenever and with whatever you need, but is also focused on website performance.


  • Customizable banner design
  • Shopify Multi-Currency support
  • Easy to install
  • Good customer support


  • Free

Shopify rating: 5.0 (6 reviews)

Powerful Free Shipping Bar

Another free shipping bar that can help increase conversion rates and maximize order values is the Powerful Free Shipping Bar.

You can delay the start of the shipping bar using the built-in tool if you want the free shipping bar to appear at a certain moment in the future. And if you’re interested in attracting clients from a particular country, restrict the shipping bar visibility to the specified country. If you want to go into even more detail, you can zero in on certain customers and display shipping bar options selectively based on where your visitors came from. And we don’t just mean a specific country – websites too!

Installing it is simple too. In what will seem like a few seconds and with no coding skills, you can have a free shipping bar that will go in well with any Shopify design you’ve settled on.

However, it is worth mentioning that, depending on your business specifics and goals, you may need to switch to a premium version of the bar since some features are not available with the free plan.


  • Performance tracking 
  • Good customization options
  • Progress bar updates automatically as customers add items to the cart


  • Free
  • Premium plan for $4.99/month

Shopify rating: 3.9 (24 reviews)

Zero Free Shipping Bar

This progress bar is great at reflecting the customer’s current status towards free shipping. As soon as the customer hits the target, the bar will let them know that shipping is free.

If you don’t want to offer free shipping for surpassing a certain cart goal, you can give out a short-term free shipping offer to your customers, for example during holidays. Simply set up the start and end of your free shipping bar (don’t forget about the timezones!). The bar will start running at the exact time you’ve scheduled it for.

When it comes to special events, Zero Free Shipping Bar has a collection of pre-made templates for various events or holidays – from international events to more one-of-a-kind celebrations.

This free shipping bar also offers geotargeting and supports multiple currencies, so for each free shipping bar you create, you can pick a location and your desired cart goal for it.


  • Geotargeting
  • Good variety of design templates for special occasions
  • Supports different currencies


  • Free
  • Premium plan for $7.99/month

Shopify rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

EVM Free Shipping Bar

It is no surprise that you may increase the possibility that visitors will make a purchase with the help of this free shipping bar. Put it at the very top of the header area or choose another placement for it on your website.

You can quickly customize the settings of the bar to decide at what minimum order value clients will get free delivery. Set your desired objectives for the cart, and the EVM free shipping bar will display the amount of money the customer yet needs to spend. 

As with pretty much all other free shipping bars with similar goals and functionality, this free shipping bar can be customized to match the appearance and feel of your company, even down to the fonts and color palette.


  • Customizable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Good and reactive customer support


  • Free

Shopify rating: 4.5 (101 reviews)

Free shipping bars comparison table

App namePricingRating
Essential Free Shipping barFree⭐ 5 
Hextom Free Shipping BarPremium plan for $9.99/month ⭐ 4.9 
Ultimate Free Shipping BarFree⭐ 4.8
Free Shipping Bar Ultimate by KILATECHFree⭐ 5
Powerful Free Shipping BarPremium plan for $4.99/month⭐ 3.9
Zero Free Shipping BarPremium plan for $7.99/month⭐ 5
EVM Free Shipping BarFree⭐ 4.5

There are plenty of Shopify free shipping bar options. You need to choose carefully if you want a solution that helps you increase your sales in a cost-effective way, without introducing a handful of other issues to your store. Essential Free Shipping Bar is the best option for most Shopify sellers out there.


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