Fixed minutes countdown – Shopify Essential Countdown App

fixed minutes shopify countdown

A fixed-minutes countdown timer is usually the best option to increase urgency and encourage buyers to make that impulse decision and get your product.

Although you can set it for longer periods, it performs best if you set it in the range from a few minutes to a few hours. Visiting your store and seeing that there are only 5 minutes left to get the product creates a boost in urgency and increases conversions.

countdown timer increases urgency

This type of timer is individual for each buyer session. It means that if you set your timer to 5 minutes, every new customer will see the timer going down from 5 minutes.

As with any other timer, you can set what will happen once the timer runs out of time:

  • Hide the timer for the buyer (The timer disappears for that individual customer)
  • Repeat the countdown (The timer starts from the beginning)
  • Show custom title (Change the title of the timer widget, for example, “The sale is over”)
  • Do nothing (Widget will stay in your store showing zeroes)
what to do when timer ends

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