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Experience the latest way to add eye-catching animated announcement bars to your Shopify store.

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Boost Conversions

Create standout animated announcement bars to share new deals, captivate customers, and skyrocket conversion rates.

Effectively Promote Discounts and Promos

Unlock the full potential of your discounts with eye-catching animated announcement bars that encourage visitors to grab your promo right away!

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Ensuring your satisfaction is our main priority, and we are fully committed to providing you with the best possible assistance to maximize your product experience.

Essential applications are used by brands such as:

Boost sales with Shopify announcement bar

The best announcement bar app for Shopify to help you promote sales with just a few clicks.
Essential Announcement Bar Features
20 shopify announcement bar styles

Animated Announcement Bar Without Any Coding

Enhance your website experience with a captivating animated announcement bar! Say goodbye to hassle and hello to limitless customization options that effortlessly elevate your site. No coding expertise needed – just add flair and creativity to captivate your audience!

Standout Call-to-Action Buttons

Take your animated announcement bar to new heights by incorporating attention-grabbing CTAs. Motivate customers to take action on each and every update you share.

shopify announcement bar call to action button

Customization and Placement Opportunities

Try our dynamic announcement bars on your Shopify store and enjoy unlimited customization opportunities. Enjoy the freedom to design, modify and perfect your custom announcement bar.

Essential Shopify Announcement Bar Reviews

5-star rating on Shopify app store


Love the Essential Shopify Announcement Bar App! Easy to use and perfect for showcasing our latest deals. Matches our store’s vibe too.

Specials Ceramics


Totally digging the Announcement Bar App! It’s perfect for sharing quick updates with our customers. While I’m excited to see any future additions, it’s already a top-notch tool for us!


Learn more about using Essential Shopify Announcement Bar

Don’t hesitate to contact the Support if you have any additional questions

Changing the color of an announcement bar on Shopify is easier than it sounds! Just go to your Essential Announcement Bar app dashboard. From there, you can create an announcement bar that suits your needs. Once created, you’ll want to head over to the ‘Design’ tab. This is where the magic happens! You can select from a single color or really make things pop with a gradient color. It’s entirely up to you and your brand.

Just go to your Essential Announcement Bar app dashboard and create a custom announcement bar that suits your needs. Then, explore the ‘Design’ tab to choose the perfect font and color for your brand.

We all love the idea of a flashing announcement bar to catch the attention of our customers. Unfortunately, we do not offer the feature of flashing announcement bars at the moment. However, if you are set on creating a flashing announcement bar, our support will be happy to make you turn your vision into reality. Simply reach out and we’ll create a custom flashing announcement bar.

Adding an image to the announcement bar on Shopify would add a unique touch to your store. We do not offer this feature at the moment, but you can get creative with text and color to catch customers’ attention! 

You’re set on having an image in your announcement bar? No problem. Our support is ready to help you customize the announcement bar and add an image for you.

Transparent announcement bar on Shopify would give your store a unique touch. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this option at the moment. However, if a transparent announcement bar is a must for your website visuals, we’ll be happy to create a custom transparent announcement bar just for you. Just reach out to our support and we’ll do it for you.

Discover Other Announcement Bar Types

Sticky Announcement Bar

Highlight important updates on your website with a friendly reminder that stays put at the top or bottom of any page.

Free Shipping Announcement

Incentivize your shoppers by offering free shipping, a simple yet effective strategy to upsell and increase your average order value.

Scrolling Announcement Bar

Create marquee style scrolling announcement bars, and keep your visitors informed in a fun and engaging way.

Rotating Announcement Bar

Keep your content fresh and captivating by cycling through multiple messages with rotating announcement bars.

Countdown Timer Announcement

Create a sense of urgency, encouraging faster decision-making to drive immediate action and maximize conversions.

Multiple Announcement Bars

Take advantage of the Essential Announcement Bar and add multiple announcement bars strategically placed throughout your Shopify website.

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