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The Best App To Create Scrolling Announcement Bars for Your Shopify Store

Creating eye-catching marquee announcement bars on Shopify has never been easier.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-star rating on Shopify app store.

Increase Conversions

Use scrolling announcement bars to effectively share the latest updates, engage customers, and boost conversion rates.

Promote Discounts and Deals

Boost your sales and get the most out of discounts by creating eye-catching moving announcement bars that motivate visitors to grab the amazing deals available.

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Boost sales with Shopify announcement bar

The best announcement bar app for Shopify to help you promote sales with just a few clicks.
Essential Announcement Bar Features
20 shopify announcement bar styles

Sliding Announcement Bar Without Any Coding

Creating sliding announcement bars has never been so easy. Just a few clicks, and you can have your sliding announcement bar on Shopify without any coding.

Standout Call-to-Action Buttons

Take your Shopify store’s marquee announcements to the next level by adding call-to-actions. Turn each announcement into an engaging experience for your users.

shopify announcement bar call to action button

Limitless Possibilities For Customization And Strategic Placement

Create your dream announcement bar slider on Shopify in just a few clicks. Turn your vision into reality with our endless customization and placement options.

Essential Shopify Announcement Bar Reviews

5-star rating on Shopify app store


Love the Essential Shopify Announcement Bar App! Easy to use and perfect for showcasing our latest deals. Matches our store’s vibe too.

Specials Ceramics


Totally digging the Announcement Bar App! It’s perfect for sharing quick updates with our customers. While I’m excited to see any future additions, it’s already a top-notch tool for us!


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To add a moving announcement to your Shopify store, you’ll need to head over to the Essential Announcement Bar app dashboard. Once you’re there, look for the “Running line announcement” option. Once you’ve clicked on it, you can begin to customize it to match your store’s style and the message you want to convey. You’ll find a wealth of options to play around with – change colors, tweak typography, adjust placement, and much more.

Making a Shopify announcement bar slide is a straightforward process if you’re using the Essential Announcement Bar app. Instead of selecting the “Simple announcement” option that you may be used to, you want to choose “Running line announcement”. This option enables your announcement to slide across the screen. Once you’ve selected it, you’re all set to customize the announcement to your heart’s content.

Our Shopify Scrolling Announcement Bar is designed to offer your website a sleek and professional appearance. Our sliding announcement bars stand 60 px tall. 

You can customize the width of the announcement bar according to your specific needs and preferences.

Discover other announcement bar placement locations

Sticky Announcement Bar

Highlight important updates on your website with a friendly reminder that stays put at the top or bottom of any page.

Free Shipping Announcement

Incentivize your shoppers by offering free shipping, a simple yet effective strategy to upsell and increase your average order value.

Animated Announcement Bar

Boost your store's aesthetic with animated announcement bars - fully customizable to match your store's style.

Rotating Announcement Bar

Keep your content fresh and captivating by cycling through multiple messages with rotating announcement bars.

Countdown Timer Announcement

Create a sense of urgency, encouraging faster decision-making to drive immediate action and maximize conversions.

Multiple Announcement Bars

Having trouble deciding which deal to promote? Our multiple announcement bars allow you to try them all with just a few clicks.

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