How to Add Countdown Timer to Shopify Product Page 2024

In this article, we’ll show you how to seamlessly integrate our Essential Apps Countdown Timer bar into your product pages. Boosting your sales and creating a sense of urgency has never been easier. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

App Install

To access the powerful features of the Essential Apps Countdown Timer, head over to the Shopify app store and search for our product. Installing the app is quick and simple—just click the “Add App” button to get started.

How to Place the Shopify Countdown Timer on Product Pages

Once you have the Essential Apps Countdown Timer installed, follow these easy steps to add it to your product pages:

  1. Click on the “Create new timer” button to start creating your new countdown timer.
  2. Choose the “Product page” timer type for this specific countdown timer.
  3. Define your preferred settings, including the countdown timer name, title, subheading, timer labels, and timer type (countdown to a specific date, fixed minutes, or daily recurring timer).

Configuring the Design of your Countdown Timer

In the design configuration step, you have two options: customize the timer’s appearance according to your preferences or choose from our selection of professionally designed templates. For an eye-catching display, go for dynamic “Fire” template.

Choosing the Placement

Next, you’ll determine where the countdown timer will be placed on your product pages. Essential Apps offers several options, including displaying the timer on all products, specific products, products with specific tags or custom position. For now, let’s go with the classic option and display the timer on all products.

Publish and Preview on Your Store

Once you’ve completed the configuration, click the “Save” button and then “Publish” to set your Shopify countdown timer live. You can preview the countdown in action on your personal Shopify store by clicking the corresponding button. By default, the timer will be placed under the “Add to Cart” and “Buy it Now” buttons, but it’s possible to customize the position using app blocks or custom code snippets.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully integrated the Essential Apps Countdown Timer into your product pages. By leveraging urgency and enhancing the shopping experience, you can increase sales and drive customer engagement.


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